PROBPROG SPRING 2024 - Upcoming Talks

10am US Eastern Time via Zoom. See Agenda for full details.

  • Mar 20 2024. Alex Lew (MIT)
    Scaling Probabilistic AI with Automatic Differentiation of Probabilistic Programs
  • Mar 27 2024. Wonyeol Lee (CMU)
    Smoothness Analysis for Probabilistic Programs
  • Apr 03 2024. Tan Zhi-Xuan (MIT)
    Real-Time Open-Ended Goal Inference via Programmable Bayesian Inverse Planning
  • Apr 10 2024. Di Wang (Peking University)
    Algebraic Program Analysis of Probabilistic Programs
  • Apr 17 2024. Du Phan, Heiko Zimmerman (Google, Northeastern Univ.)
    Coix: A framework for compositional inference with probabilistic programs in JAX.
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